— cie

the broccoli man

from the 31st of July to the 5th off august i had a training week with Surf Solutions in cornwall. i got down there without my parents and stayed in a caravan with Seth Hughes’s family. the caravan and caravan site was amazing we had a swim in the pool and played pool every night.

it was the usual meeting place, starbucks on the a30. we went from there to loads of different places like: porthtowan, gwenver, perenporth and godrevy. the first day was one of my best surfs because it was round about 4ft and super hollow, Joel was in the water taking stills. each of us had amazing shots, Harry in the barrel, me bottom turning and Seth taking off. when we got out and were getting ready to go home Joel put his underwater camera on the car bonnet a random guy that was parked next to us got out wearing just a t-shirt and nut-huggers said to Joel, “don’t put that there it will get stolen” and Joel replied “this is such a busy car park no one will steal it” the guy answered with “you never know where the northerners are!” i’m not sure if he realised that Joel is a northerner! after that he came up to Harry and me and said “do you want this broccoli?” while holding broccoli in his hand, what a complete nutter. Harry and I said “no” so he carried on walking around the car park in his nut-huggers saying “do you want broccoli?” so we named him THE BROCCOLI MAN.

the next day we went to gwenver it was such a walk, unbelievable. the surf was good though, 2-3ft wedgy lefts. i was last to leave the beach and got a bit lost on the way back, took an extra 5 minutes.

wednesday we surfed 2ft pretty choppy perrenporth, we visited the quiver factory where we met Luke Heart and Alan Stokes. then we went to Vans and got a free pair of sunglasses, stoked! we also went next door to FCS to check out the fins.

The Thursday we did beach exercises and fitness training because the surf wasn’t too good, we slept at Harry’s house that night. Woke up on the last day to a 2-3ft clean Godrevy, it was the first time i surfed there and loved it, really good surf.

can’t wait till the next Joel’s, what good week! thanks to Seth’s family for looking after me for the week, David’s bacon sandwiches are the one!