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surf solutions media trip

portugal dec 2012

had a sick trip to portugal in december with surf solutions

following my win of the beetles in the mini bugs comp i went on a trip to portugal, it was run by the Surf Experience along with Greg Martin, Alan stokes and Tim Davies. it was a media training trip looking at how to get the best shots in different conditions and the best moves to try in the conditions. Rhys Barfield, Raife Gaskell and Seth Hughes came too.

i learnt a lot from the trip like working round a camera or water photog, and that the camera man is the boss! it was great to see how Alan Stokes surfed and what he did to to get clips for his video.

each day we would check a few spots out and then realise that the first spot was the one!! we mostly surfed Zavial over head with off-shores breezes but got a few other places too. we Had a good variety of waves. surf was sick and pumping everyday and great surfing with bit of winter sun!

loads of funny things happened but the funniest part had to be when Rhys had to go surfing in his pants because he lost a game of cards!