— cie

soggy gromsearch

went to godrevy last weekend for the rip curl gromsearch, had a great weekend loads of surfing.

we arrived friday afternoon and it the surf was 1 foot but really sunny, got up on saturday and it was about 4 foot, breaking miles out, windy and raining, at least there was waves! luckily I was in my wetty most of the day but dad got soaked.

my u12s heats were up first on saturday, got through them and made the semi final on the sunday. i had a shocker in my u14s heat and got knocked out, spent most of the heat paddling out! surfed gwithian on saturday evening with about 1000 longboarders, got some nice ones though.

sunday was less wind but still some solid waves, got through my semi and made the final with Liam, Gabe and Joseph. the waves were great in the final and I was happy with how I surfed, Liam took first and I got second, stoked!