— cie

saltrock comp

on the 28th of may I competed in the Saltrock UKPST event in croyde. i’ve never surfed croyde before and was hoping for some good surf but it was really windy and messy the whole weekend. we got down there on friday so I could have a surf before the contest, it was choppy and only about 2 foot but the sun was out, it was just like Southerndown my local beach.

the under 12s were in saturday afternoon so i watched the u16 and pro junior heats in the morning, they were all ripping.

i got through my first heat with Liam Murry-Strout and Ben Tucker and made the final which meant I qualified for the next UKSPT event Nike Nightsurf in Newquay super stoked. I got 2nd in the final behind Liam, it was the first time I won any money in a contest, really pleased with the result but wasn’t really happy with how I surfed.

it was a great weekend and I’m looking forward to going back to croyde.