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où est ma baguette

I went to Hossegor, France on the 24th September for a weeks coaching, it was organised by Nathan Phillips surf coaching and Quiksilver, there were four groms Harry De Roth, Max Payne and Rhys Barfield and me.

We stayed in the Quiksilver Boardriders house which was super lush, a massive house with games rooms, amazing food and loads of other stuff to do. I soon learnt what Sting Pong was and realised I wasn’t any good! Harry was the best and everyone got some stings off him.

It was my first trip to Hossegor, I think we got lucky because the surf and weather was amazing most days, we only had one day of small waves. We’d get up early and surf before breakfast, another surf in the morning and one in the afternoon or evening. On the day that the surf went small we did a mini grovel comp, I was against Harry and Rhys was against Max. Harry and Max got to the final and Max one sock Payne went on to win, we carried him up the beach like they do on the CT but dropped him half way.

We went paddle boarding in the lake one afternoon, it was so fun, I cut my foot on a shell but we super glued it back together ok. On the way back we jumped off a 30ft bridge, it didn’t look too bad from the bottom but when you were up there it felt like 100ft, I did it even though I was pooin myself.

Most nights we did video analysis in Slater’s study, don’t think it was his actual study but it had a good TV.

Hossegor is a stunning place, there are no tall buildings, the food is lush and there is always loads of squirrels on the beach! Most of the French are really nice but some are grumpy, one bald guy wasn’t happy with us surfing his spot and got so grumpy he looked like a big pink pig so his name is now Pig Face. The beaches were great, loads of different banks to choose from on different tides but there were too many naked old people lying around like big hairy brown seals.

The trip was incredible because of the surf, the people that went and the place we stayed, I’ll definitely be back next year! Check out the photos and the clips below.