— cie

nike 6.0 nightsurf

last weekend i was in newquay for the nike 6.0 nightsurf. it was the biggest and best event i have been to in britain, the surf was good and i got to see all the pros ripping. the cash for tricks event was out of control, so many aerials, they make it look so easy.

on the saturday the surf was about 4ft with a slight chop in it. i wasn’t in until the sunday so i could watch the comp and mess around. i designed a pair of trainers on the nike id stand and it got chosen as one of the winners so I’ll be getting them in a month or so, stoked!

my final on the sunday was in the evening, it was 2-3ft little choppy but not too bad. when i was in the water waiting for my heat to start they did the raffle for the go-pro and my sister won! I’ve never seen my mum run up the beach so fast! a couple of minutes later my heat finally started, it was low tide so the judges moved down the shore. it went ok but i couldn’t find many long waves, before I knew it my heat was over then I was on the podium, it turned out I came 2nd and won £125 stoked! not sure what I’m going to do with it yet, maybe a load of bacon rolls or a flight to Indo or a car or something.

well done to Liam he surfed really well and fully deserved the win. it was an amazing weekend I really enjoyed can’t wait for the next one.