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nat’s coaching

at Llantwit Major on the 20th of august i did a grom coaching day with Nathan Phillips. there were four of us groms Owen, Logan, Scott and me so we all had plenty of individual feedback from Nath. the surf was amazing for the first session, it was high tide 3ft, plenty of waves to go around because most of the locals were in bed! A bit of a rip but the surf made up for it.

after the first session we went in to the lifeguard tower to do video analysis, Nath gave us feedback and went through the things we did well and the things we should work on. After that we did some stretching and some Swiss ball work too. As we ate lunch we had a go on Nath’s carve boards, they were so much fun to skate on, really good for surfing skills.

on the second surf we had to use our feed back from the analysis to help us. We surfed the point, it was a 2ft a frame peak. the rights and lefts were amazing so we all had good footage to do analysis on. once we got out and we got changed we did the last bit of analysis in the cafe.

thanks Nath for doing the day i learnt loads can’t wait for next time, i’ll definitely be there.

and thanks to Liam O’Shea for the photos!