— cie

mini bugs

me, joe, ejay and a squirrel

had the mini bugs comp last weekend, the forecast wasn’t looking too promising for the weekend but the comp would run in whatever conditions we had. i picked up a new board on the thursday before so couldn’t wait to try it out.

we got down to sennen on the friday afternoon and I had a quick surf in gwenver was small but clean, had a few and the new board felt pretty sick. dad sat in the car as usual and spotted a basking shark in the bay, lucky i didn’t see it, teeth or no teeth i’d have been straight out. i’ve checked them out on line and they’re like great whites but with no teeth, like a great white granny with false teeth.

the comp was great fun, so many groms there flying around on scooters and skateboards. the waves were bigger than expected and choppy so it was hard work for the groms, i got though to the final and won the beetles division, stoked. the prizes were nuts, a custom board for each winner and a free trip to portugal for the top beetle, so stoked that i get to go on a coaching trip with Joel and the surf experience team again.

was great to see some more welsh groms down there, well done Joe Morris, E to the Jay and Jack Codd you rippers.

tried out that sex wax dream cream, that stuff is super sticky, you don’t want to get it all over your clothes like i did.