— cie

i’m a beatle

at sennen cove on the 14th of august Joel Gray held a contest that was called the mini bugs. the competition categories were: fleas (8 and under), ants (10 and under) and beatles (12 and under).

i entered the beatles, it wasn’t the usual competition format. we all surfed two heats and the four surfers with the highest two wave scores from the heats made the final. it was a great format and made you think more about your scores than just getting through the heats.

Liam Murray Strout, Harry de Roth, Will Bailey and myself got to the final. i was in top seed at this point because I was lucky enough to have the highest scores. we moved down the beach a bit for the final to get a less crowded peak, it was a solid 3-4ft clean, half way through the final my board hit me in the face and I cut my lip. the other boys were all ripping, the best I’ve ever seen them surf. I came fourth but I was still super stoked.

thank you Joel for running the competition and a big thanks for all the goodie bags they were amazing.

oh and Dad’s car got clamped because of Mum’s dodgy parking, dad was tamping but held it together quite well.