— cie

happy new year

happy new year, i’ve been slack on keeping my blog up to date, it’s not like I’ve been surfing loads so i’ve got no excuses really. dad’s been nagging me for a new blog so hopefully this will keep him quiet. it’s february half term now and has been flat all week and everyone seems to be away on a trip…..IT’S WORSE THAN BEING IN SCHOOL.

2011 was a great year for me, i got picked up by Quiksilver and won the Welsh u12 which were my two highlights. went on a few surf trips, had some good contest results and some not so good. i’m training a bit more this winter and that will hopefully improve my surfing. i’ve been doing some coaching with Nathan Phillips which is class and helping my surfing loads!!! Nate covers my techniques, stretching and fitness.

we had some nice surf the start of the winter, it was easterly for about two weeks and at one point, got a nice barrel in ogmore I came out clean and gave a double arm claim like i was in pipe or something, i couldn’t help it. after that it seems like it’s been westerly all the time and the days it’s been east or light winds i’ve been stuck in school. we’ve made the most of it on the weekends and got to surf some new spots in gower and west wales.

i moved to year 7 in september, my teachers might read this so I can’t say much, only that i get way too much homework. cowbridge comp is a good laugh and i’m enjoying the work but it’s a struggle to get the bus at 7:45 and that means that i can’t surf in the morning. i miss the bus most days and dad has to chase after it in the car, we usually catch up with it after a few stops!!!

i turned 12 in december, this time next year I’ll be old enough to use facebook, pfffff hahaha. i got a sweet new JP 5’3″ for my birthday, the best board I’ve had, John and the team talked to me about the board i was looking for and changed the shape a bit and adjusted the fins, i can’t believe the difference it’s made. i only had a few surfs before it got dinged pretty bad, i was surfing ogmore rivermouth and hit a piece of wood or a trolley or a traffic cone or a dead sheep or something so it went straight back to John for repair. John got it fixed in a couple of days and you can’t tell where the ding was, so stoked.

looking forward to 2012, got a few trips planned starting with Portugal, hopefully we’ll get some footage of that.

i’ll try and keep my blog more up to date, chow for now….