— cie

grom training

on the weekend 16-17 of july i did a weekend training with Joel Gray (Surf Solutions) in cornwall. we had to meet Joel at the HPC 9am on the saturday, dad wouldn’t drive down on the friday so we had to leave at 5:30 in the morning, i was so tired I slept in the car with a sleeping bag and pillow, at least my snoring kept Dad awake on the way down!

the weekend was really good fun and I met some new friends, Jack Unsworth, Storm Wall and Freedom Wall, Gabriel Ley was there swell who i knew already.

once we met we filled out a questionnaire for Joel, no spell checker so I bet mine had loads of mistakes. after that we went to check the surf in some of the town beaches in Newquay. we ended up in tolcarne it was 2ft to start and a bit choppy but fine to surf. by the end of the day it was 4ft and hard work but we all had loads of waves and did different drills, and the jazz hand gloves.

on the final day we went to praa sands, it was 2-3ft clean and amazing. we saw Paddy Daniels ripping so got straight in. we all had a go with the helmet speaker which was a good laugh. the surf was amazing and I had a really good time, can’t wait for the next one.