— cie

fun start to may

so far may has been super fun, had a load of surfs and the waters getting warmer at last. i’ve surfed about 8 times scince last thursday! got in three times thursday, before school and twice after. had a couple of surfs at my local beaches, there’s still no bank in ogmore rivermouth so it’s super FAT.

on the weekend I went to Lloyd Cole surf academy training weekend in caswell and llangenith. i had some solid surf with Nathanial James, Josh Brace, Emily Williams and Milly Little. We did training and video analysis from that as well as structuring my turns.

just came out of 4ft surf in southerndown with a solid paddle!!!! all my mates were in smashing the lip.

hopefully the rest of May will be as good as the start but the forecast doesn’t look good for here.