— cie


Lloyd, Linda, the Herbinator (Herby), Andy, the cooks and the Welsh team

in September i went to france for the euros with the welsh team, had such a good trip with the team. the opening ceremony with all the other teams was a great experience. Me and Conner went up on the stage, Conner poured our welsh sand in to a fish tank with all the other team’s sand, I stood behind him and waved the flag that, i was nervous because if I messed it up then everyone would have saw me and laughed.

it was the biggest comp i’d ever been to and the standard of surfing was really high. was great to watch the french and portuguese kids, they are rippers.

i got some grom abuse but at least i came back with both my eyebrows.

everyone did well in their heats, conner got 2nd in europe, the highest placed kid in britain! rhys p and rhys b did really well too. i got 15th in the u14s so I am super stoked because I’m only 12. thanks to all the organisers and lloyd the coach, it was a sick trip and hope I can go next time.