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to sum up my year.

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fun weekend at the welsh champs, stoked to win the u16’s #stillbuzzing

it’s one of the only comps where all the surfers stick around the comp site for the whole weekend, it’s great for the groms to watch all the categories and chat to all the competitors.

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azores for the euros was so much fun, had a sick trip with the welsh team. the island is nuts and we got some fun waves. weather was a bit of a shocker, like being back in wales. didn’t do very well in the comp but it’s all good.


obrigado WSF for getting us there!

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happy to make the under 16s final last weekend but a bit bummed i didn’t get the result i was hoping for.

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another magic stick from jp surfboards!

super proud to be representing WALES in the world champs in Ecuador next week! I can’t wait!!

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so stoked channel coast won the interclubs! best trophy ever

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uploaded my Quiksilver King Of The Groms entry, it’s a digital competition this year and the winners get a chance to compete in the world KOTG finals! so i need your vote! click the link below and please vote!….


Cieran Hughes – United Kingdom by kingofthegroms

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Lloyd, Linda, the Herbinator (Herby), Andy, the cooks and the Welsh team

in September i went to france for the euros with the welsh team, had such a good trip with the team. the opening ceremony with all the other teams was

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SO stoked to be selected to represent WALES in the euro junior championships in Lacanau this september, i can’t wait it’s going to be the ONE!

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me, joe, ejay and a squirrel

had the mini bugs comp last weekend, the forecast wasn’t looking too promising for the weekend but the comp would run in whatever conditions we had. i picked up a new board on the thursday before so couldn’t wait to try it out.

we got down to sennen on

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