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fun weekend at the welsh champs, stoked to win the u16’s #stillbuzzing

it’s one of the only comps where all the surfers stick around the comp site for the whole weekend, it’s great for the groms to watch all the categories and chat to all the competitors.

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of grey

couple of waves from a very weekend in march

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azores for the euros was so much fun, had a sick trip with the welsh team. the island is nuts and we got some fun waves. weather was a bit of a shocker, like being back in wales. didn’t do very well in the comp but it’s all good.


obrigado WSF for getting us there!

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this weather is nice but the surfs been pretty shit recently, i’m kind of looking forward to winter already

this shot was taken by Greg Martin on a trip i did with Surf Solutions to portugal last december

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fcs2 system – no screws, no grubs, no fin keys, no rounding off grubs or keys

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Photo 12-12-2013

pretty stoked i got a shot in carve from my trip to portugal last december with surf solutions.

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so stoked channel coast won the interclubs! best trophy ever

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feels like spring but the waters still cold…had some fun surfs in the vale, got to surf my favourite slab with just dad and steveo was super fun.

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just got back from a week in fuerte, first time i’ve been to the canaries. had a sick trip, found some good waves and

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last weekend was cold, grey and windy but found some fun waves out west. it’s been a mission

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