— cie

all right mush?

the surfs been pretty poor over the past week or so, it’s been westerly the whole time and hardly any swell, even the tides have been wrong for me. the tides are so important here, it can go from three foot to zero foot when the tide turns to go out. I’ve surfed quite a bit though, trying to make the most of it and even had one or two fun ones.

we had some bigger waves this weekend but really strong winds. saw a model having a photo shoot on my local beach on saturday, not sure what was going on because the weather was really bad. check her out at the end of the clip.

i got Dad to drive me to Porthcawl the other day it’s usually a bit bigger there, the surf was crap but I found 2 quid on the floor and immediately bought a bacon roll, result. dad’s not been surfing much lately, I think he’s just getting a bit picky…and fat.