— cie

2016 is over

to sum up my year.

there are lots of highlights that i can touch upon from this year but here are only a few of them.

firstly, i had a great trip up to scotland in october, found some really good waves and i also had couple of them in the edit they put together, check it out at the 7 minute mark, it’s below. i managed to get to the semi finals of the open in that comp against good surfers in good waves. pretty happy with how that trip went.

a classic achievement was that i won the mens open and the under 18s in my local surf club comp, beat some real sharp surfers like Mark Vaughan and Nathan Phillips in the final, pretty stoked with that win!

got to the quarter finals in the euros in morocco, bummed I got knocked out in that round but i had a sick time apart from throwing up for 2 days, we had rain for a few days and the water was pretty bad, never been so sick in my life.

also i went to the worlds in the azores islands, that was a good experience. happy to take a 33rd away from that comp, boosting my confidence surfing in the good waves and against people from all different countries.

and finally, i ended up ranking 6th in the mens open on the uk pro surf tour so got the rookie of the year award, i had to embarrass myself and do a speech, but it was all worth it!